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Jan 31, 2010 8:00am EST
problem. you can see it coating the power lines in the city of washington and at one point 125,000 people were out of power. there is no heat, no way to cook and it could be a week before the electricity comes back on for everyone. some people are heading to shelters to make it through a night of temperatures in the teens. >>> and a whole lot of slipping and sliding. ice on top of snow made for nothing short of nightmare in rocky mountain, north carolina. --nott as bad as officials thought it would be. >>> we're also getting pictures up loaded to our website as well. this one is from mechanicsville. not something you want to see with snow out there on the roadways. a snowplow got stuck there. so it gives you just an idea of how bad it is out there on the roadways. you still have your time, go to send your pictures into you can find the link on the home page. that's also your source for latest weather information 24/7, from the forecast to closings and delays, we are updating it around the clock for you with everything you need to know. >>> the snow slowed down fire crews on t
Jan 3, 2010 8:00am EST
expect a reprieve. >>> the washington wizards hit the hardwood for the first time since a gun probe made headlines. we hear from one of the stars accused of packing heat in the locker room. >>> the burgundy and gold wind down what has been a tumultuous season in san diego. the soap opera far from over. we hear from some of the impending free agent. good morning. i'm melanie alnwick. 8:00 straight up on your sunday morning. wind advisory has been extended for the d.c. region. gwen tolbart is tracking the bitter blast. i thought we were gng to get past this wind. >> no, and it is arctic cold that's settling in with it. definitely bundle up. we have to talk about also the dangerous cold weather, because it is definitely a danger out there. you have to be so careful with hypothermia and that sort. we're going to show you the wind advisory in effect until 6:00 p.m. tonight. winds gusting anywhere from 45 to 50 miles per hour. and last night we did have winds within that range across the area. and it doesn't change today. you can see the entire region that is affected. now, currently winds are
Jan 10, 2010 8:00am EST
. >> reporter: california governor arnold schwarzenegger says washington owes the state billions. >> my budget includes billions of dollars for medicare. >> reporter: the president hopes to have the bill signed into law before the state of the union address next month. melanie wilkes, fox news. >> and the bills need to be merged into one before it can move on to the president's desk. >>> a memorial service was held in massachusetts for 37-year- old harold brown, jr. brown and his family lived in fairfax station. he was one of 7 victims of a suicide bombing in afghanistan on a c.i.a. base. his wife and three children stood together at the service along with massachusetts governor deval patrick. brown was killed in a patrick carried out by a suicide bomber. there is new video of the bomber moments before he struck. as caroline shively reports, the man said american intelligence officials tried to get him to spy for them. >> reporter: in a just-released videotape before his death, a doctor says revenge is why he killed the c.i.a. operatives in afghanistan because the c.i.a. had killed a pakistani
Jan 24, 2010 8:00am EST
. this is a washington post poll here, saying that 65% believe the country is seriously off track. 28% want the senator elect to stop health care reform. 47% say the government is tooing too much. >>> well the win denies a veto proof majority for democrats and makes it difficult to push through the health care reform. and fox news sunday on what this means for the obama administration. host chris wallace joining us for a preview. good morning, chris. >> good morning, sarah. >> well the white house was forced to take a good, hard look at the game plan today. and your guest today robert gibbs, which i was surprised by, making an appearance and will talk about their direction from here. >> and we're going to get a real sense from gibbs at the top of the hour, but then from the president himself in the state of the union speech on wednesday night and my guess is the speech writers are busy rewriting that in the white house right now because they clearly got a message, and maybe in a sense it was lucky because it wasn't the mid term election. they got it in a single race in massachusetts on tuesday night th
Jan 17, 2010 8:00am EST
los angeles or washington. and that's been an interesting factor. but trying to get help in the middle of a bad situation, people are scared of you. a lot of the stereotypes that new york has we play on. and so that's been fun. >> reporter: jack's new partner played by freddie prince, jr., make it a perfect match. >> this guy believes in his country and what it was built on. >> reporter: this is nervous time for cloe. >> something happens a few episodes in where in one is listening to me and and i have to take matter news my own hands. >> reporter: and keever sutherland believers one thing will be certain. >> if there was ever a year you could charge jack bower for saving country or the planet, this is the year jack bower had to save himself. >> do not let him make that call. >> reporter: 24 starts a new day, sunday night on fox. in hollywood, anita vogle, fox news. >> and you can catch the two- night, four hour season of 24 at 9:00 tonight. >>> and the rescue operation in haiti reaching a pivotal point. the effort to hit millions in the hard hit area. >> plus the americans pulled from
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5